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2014 - 2015 Free Flight Calendar

Last update: 11/14/2014  

The NFFS Free Flight Calendar provides information on all types of free flight contests and other events from AMA, to Nostalgia, SAM, OT, FAC, America's Cup, World Cup and National Cup events in the U.S. and Canada.

Contests listed in blue are linked to fliers with detailed information.
To view the fliers you'll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Always confirm all dates and schedules before traveling.

NC      = National Cup
NC(E) = National Cup Exempt
AC       = America's Cup
WC      = World Cup
  I         = Indoor events

Send your event information and fliers to Don Deloach.
831 E. Willamette Ave., Colorado Springs, CO 80903
ddeloach@comcast.net       719.964.7117 voice     719.635.4266 fax
Al Timko Launching his Wanderer, Flying Aces Club Non-Nats.
January February March April May June July August September October November December
1-2   San Valeers Nostalgia Annual AMA, NFFS, SAM NC SV Lost Hills, CA Terry Thorkildsen 805-495-6135
1-2   SCAMPS/SCIF/FAC69 Fall Anual AMA, NFFS, SAM, FAC   SCAMPS Lost Hills, CA Dan Heinrich 909-593-5789  aeronutd@msn.com
2   Cloudbusters Scale Contest FAC   DCB Flint, MI M. Welshans  248-545-7601  mbwelshans@aol.com
8-9   Tulsa Glue Dobbers Fall Rally AMA, SAM, FAC, NFFS NC TGD Perry, OK Faust Parker 713-292-9019
8-9   Autumn Cup FAI AC, NC TCF Perry, OK Faust Parker  frparker@pbsj.com
8-9   November Hurricane AMA, NFFS, FAC   CAFFA Raeford, NC John Diebolt jdiebolt@mindspring.com  919 467-1025
8-9   31st Annual Eastern Freeflight Championships FAI, AMA, NFFS AC   Waywayanda, NY Dave Lacey 703-370-5708
Jim Coffin 703-256-3865
9   Year-end Frito Pie Contest AMA, FAI, NFFS, SAM NC MMM Denver, CO www.themmmclub.com
9   Skyscrapers Monthly AMA, FAI, NFFS   BSS Waywayanda, NY Andrew Barron  andrew.barron@yale.edu
15-16   Patterson FAI FAI, AMA, NFFS AC SCAT Lost Hills, CA Brian Van Nest 760-873-5073  bisheatf1a@aol.com
15-16   FMA Fall Fling AMA, NFFS NC FMA Palm Bay, FL Joe Clawson 321-984-8718  claw3132@netzero.net
16   Armed Forces Memorial AMA, FAI, NFFS NC PMAC Eloy, AZ Jean Andrews   520-299-9030
16 I Bong Eagles Annual Joe Adams Indoor AMA, FAC, NFFS   Eagles Racine, WI Jeff Annis 262-542-0105 jeannis@aol.com
16   Pinham Field Turkey Fly FAC   PFI Rocky Hill, CT Paul Stott 203-258-2962
22-23   San Diego Scale Staffel FAC   SDSS Perris, CA George Mansfield gmansfield75@gmail.com
(858) 453-3857
William Scott wscott127@yahoo.com
(619) 469-9681
6   Model Swap Meet     Weed Whackers Lakeside, CA Don Madison 619-296-1510
6-7   Arizona Free Flight Championships AMA, FAI, NFFS AC, NC PMAC Eloy, AZ Elmer Nelson   elmernelson@cox.net
6-7   KOI Warm-Up AMA, FAI, NFFS NC FMA Palm Bay, FL Bob Whitney  321-676-0554
13 I TTOMA Monthly Indoor Indoor, AMA, FAI, FAC TTOMA Dunwoody, GA D. Crawford  770-698-8737  tum25@bellsouth.net
29-31   King Orange International AMA, NFFS, SAM, FAI AC, NC(E) FMA Palm Bay, FL Brian Malin 321-459-1061 brian@bmjrmodels.com
17-19   65th Southwest Regional Championships
    FAI Event Entry Form
AMA, FAI, NFFS, SAM AC, NC SWR Eloy, AZ AL Lidberg aalmps@aol.com
7   E-36 World Open AMA     Lost Hills, CA Norm Furutani norginf@gmail.com
Don DeLoach ddeloach@comcast.net
9   Isaacson and Kiwi F1E World Cup FAI   SCAT Lost Hills, CA  
12   California Cup F1E FAI   SCAT Lost Hills, CA Brian Van Nest 760-873-5073 bisheatf1a@aol.com
12-16   Bob White Memorial Max Men International FAI AC SCAT Lost Hills, CA Bill Booth 760-842-1079 booth@boothsuarez.com

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