Team Selection Results from SEN

Team Selection Results from SEN

Postby Roger Morrell » Tue Sep 28, 2010 6:37 pm

USA Team Selection update


Brian Van Nest
Bob Sifleet
Jim Parker
Alternate - Miles Johnson


Alexander Andriukov
Bob Tymchek
Dave Saks
Alternate - Bill Booth


Henry Spence
Randy Secor
Mike Roberts
Alternate - Faust Parker

Great contest

Scores can be seen on Rene Limberger's FB Photo page courtesy of postings by Alexander Andriukov and Victor Stamov at ... 0132108638

Great contest, perfect weather, a little hot. Fly off needed only in B and C. Tough on Bill and Faust who made it to the flyoff but were nudged out at the last minute and Junior flyer Miles who also was only seconds away from a team place.

Thanks to Buzz Avrill the CD, Jim Parker and Mike McKeever and SCAT members who did a lot of the prelim organizing, Bob Norton and Hector Diez who hearded cats . Norm Furutani, Larry Norvell and Terry Kerger, the event directors, Dan Tracy the head jurist, whose presence alone was enough to make it run smoothly. The Sloans who showed up and cooked. Every one else who helped, timed and took part.

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