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Did you know that donations to the National Free Flight Society are tax deductible?

The National Free Flight Society is your organization and works hard to promote the interests of all aspects of Free Flight.  To do this requires a significant amount of funding each year and we’d like to give you the opportunity to assist.
NFFS has 4 donation categories that enable members to make tax deductible contributions for the advancement of the Society and the sport.
Please consider making your tax deductible donation to one of these categories:

General Operations – This fund makes monies available to fulfill financial obligations where the need is strongest at the time of the donation.  Sample uses include helping NFFS fund general operating expenses such as those related to the Digest, the Outdoor Nationals Competition, website maintenance and special projects that surface throughout the year.  If there is no immediate need, donations will be invested in our liquid investment account so they are readily available as projects or financial needs surface throughout the year.  Any donation not designated for one of the other funds will automatically be applied here.Currently all online donations will be applied to General Operations

Education – Donations in this area help us grow the youth membership in our Society and keep our general membership informed on new techniques & developments through creation of educational resources.  Funds will be used for scholarships, informative materials and for promotion of our sport and Society to educational institutions in order to encourage participation.

Indoor – This fund holds monies for donations specified for the special interest area of Indoor free flight.  Monies will be used for items such as flying site expenses, the Indoor National Championships and for projects related to this aspect of free flight.

NFFS Foundation – Donations to the Foundation contribute to the long term sustenance of our Organization through increasing the principle in the Foundation investment account.  Monies donated here may not be used to fund current projects.  Interest income received on the principle invested in the Foundation may either be reinvested or used for projects with NFFS Board approval.
Bylaws of the National Free Flight Society Foundation

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Or – You can donate to YOUR organization by sending your check to:
Julie Parker, Treasurer
106 Field Creek Ct.
Weatherford, TX, 76085-1653

It is not necessary to specify a fund on your contribution.  Any donations not specified for a particular fund will be allocated to General Operations. If making your donation online and you would like to specify the fund your donation should go toward contact Julie Parker at the addresses above.