Types of Free Flight Model Airplanes

This is a visual catalog of the broad variety of model types flown by free flight modelers. Most of the pictures are linked to larger ones.This is a current work in progress. Please be patient as we compile the information. es200006-450

AMA Power Classes

Class 1/2A: .000-.050 Cubic Inch Engine

Dan Berry with his 1/2A Spacer at the 2009 Nats.
Photo by Larry Kruse.

Dan Berry1-2ASpacer09 Nats300
Class A: .051-.200 Cubic Inch Engine 
Class B: .201-.300 Cubic Inch Engine

Class C: .301-.400 Cubic Inch Engine

Dan Berry with his 725 sq. in. Marval, with a Nelson .36 for power, at the 2009 Nats.
Photo by Larry Kruse.

Class D: .401-.670 Cubic Inch
Rubber Powered Models
Big E
Dawn Unlimited
Rubber Speed
Electric Power
Class A Six (6) nickel-cadium or nickel-metal-hydride cells or less.

Class B

Any number of cells of any rechargeable battery technology.

Jim Jenning’s Mustang.
This model has a 64″ wing with 463 sq.in. of area and an N9 Airfoil. The stab is 122 sq. in. RTF (Rady to Fly) weight is 455g. It has a Axi 2212 on the nose. With the battery located on the CG (Center of Gravity) it can be flown with a variety of different power configurations.
It currently has a 1200mah 2 cell with a 10 X 8 prop Starlink timer, and a servo DT

A variety of electric motors, props and a propeller hub

Rocket Power
CO2 Power
CO2 Unlimited
Hand Launch Glider
Catapult Launch Glider CatapultGlider300
Scale Models

Peanut Scale

Bill Vanderbeek and one of his Peanut scale models

Rubber Scale

Don Deloach launches his Cessna CR-2 racer

Power Scale
Payload and Cargo
Payload—Projected wingspan shall not exceed 36 inches.
Cargo— Projected wingspan shall not exceed 48 inches.

FAI International Classes

F1A (Nordic, A-2 Glider)

Sergei Makarov with his F1A model

Russia's Sergey Makarov gets ready to put up a test flight with his F1A, with help from partner Mikhail Kochkarov, after he won the World Championships in Croatia.

F1B/Wakefield (Rubber-Powered)

Rober Morrell launches his F1B (also known as Wakefield) model at the 2008 Sierra Cup.


F1C (0.15 Engine)

LynnPulley and Guy Menanno with their F1Cmodels.


F1E (Slope Soaring Glider)

F1E models are launched into the wind and steered with a magnetic steering vane on the nose of the model.

Peter Brocks F1E Lost Hills300

F1G (Coupe d’Hiver)

Charlie Jones and his son, Kyle, launch his F1G (also known as Coupe) model at the 2004 Nats.

8-5-04Charlie JonesMuncie300

F1H (A1 Glider)

Dan Berry with his Lil Dip, A1 Glider, at the 2007 Nats.
Photo by Lee Hines.


F1J (1/2A Power)

Norm Poti with his F1J model at Lost Hills

F1K (CO2)

F1P (Small-Power)

Dave Rounsaville with his F1P model.

F1Q (Electric Power)