2021 Symposium Patrons

With a stellar editorial staff consisting of: Jack Murphy, Editor, Mike Fedor, Model of the Year Chair, Faust Parker, Hall of Fame Chair, and Bill Vanderbeek, Patron Chair, the 2021 NFFS Symposium will be another outstanding contribution to aeromodelling literature and volume in your library.

Work on the 54th annual Symposium is going well and editor  Jack Murphy, has many well written papers by various authors. The Patron donation and pre-order system we used last year worked well and we continue with it this year as it saved a lot of extra work for our publications person.

The Patrons Program is still in effect and with your donation your name will be printed on the Patrons page in the Symposium. Your donation supports the NFFS’s continuing effort to produce the World’s premier, annual Free Flight publication. Thank You all in advance for your continued support of our hobby/sport.

Use this convenient form to send in your contribution and become a patron of the 2021 NFFS Symposium!