Call for 2023 NATS Volunteers

Looking for volunteers to help out at this year’s Outdoor Free Flight NATS, July 17–21 (a week earlier this year). Positions are needed for Scoring, Processing and running FAI events, Monday July 17th through Friday July 21st. You can sign up for all day or half day times.

All help would be greatly appreciated to make the 100th anniversary of the Mulvihill trophy NATS a success!  If you want to be part of history and continue the lineage of this great hobby/sport, please lend a hand as we embark on the pinnacle free flight event of the year.  The NATS brings a diverse group of modelers and competitors to the flying field once again, to rekindle old friendships and build new ones.

What a great community. I look forward to seeing each and everyone of you this year, take care and thank you. To help out and continue the tradition, contact me at:
Greg Simon

More information on the 2023 NATS