Jim Walston

Wanda Walston wishes to announce that her husband and our friend Jim Walston is now in an assisted living facility suffering from the later stages of Alzheimers.  Wanda advises that all the products and services provided by him can be found with his supplier, Wildlife Materials of IL (wildlifematerials.com).  All Free Flight inquiries should be directed to Mike C. and 1-800-842-4537.  Mike was Jim’s longtime contact with the company and is very familiar with Jim’s product line.
     As might be expected, the status of Jim’s unfinished business is in disarray.  Wanda and David Mills of the TTOMA club are beginning the effort to untangle his last orders and shipments, so that things can be put right to the degree possible at this time.  Look for further word on this effort here in the near future.  We beg everyone’s continuing patience in this regard.  Any questions in the interim should be directed to me (davidmillsatl@gmail.com).
David Mills