Indoor World Championships Cancelled

On March 10th, the Federal Office of Romanian Modeling Federation  decided to postopone WCh F1D to 8th-13th of December 2020 due to Coronavirus.
– Radu Foamete, Member of Federal Office

The Romanian Federation decided to make this call based on several countries expressing a concern, and in at least one case (Israel) a federal travel restriction. While I believe some of the Corona Virus hubbub is overblown based on what we know at this moment.. countries and businesses ARE making decisions based on risk. We should all keep this in mind and be thinking of contingencies on our own gatherings. Our contests are currently relatively low risk affairs.. numbers of competitors and the fact that most travel by car (not ship or air). But if this continues to escalate we could see some drop-off in attendance for the national competitions in coming months. Hopefully we see this issue subside quickly, but working through the “what ifs” may prove valuable if this risk becomes extended and/or larger scale.