Muncie Site Update

Dear SIG leaders,

Over 20 years ago AMA purchased tents to host the Nats, FAI championships, and other events. The typical lifespan of these tents are 10 years. AMA has doubled the lifespan through extra care and numerous repairs. Unfortunately, eight to ten 20×20 tents are beyond repair and need to be replaced. The AMA Executive Council will be evaluation different solutions. Your input is appreciated.

The Executive Council may simply replace the damaged 20×20 tents at approximately $50,000 or rent tents as needed from a local vendor at approximately $20,000 per year.

The Executive Council will also consider a third alternative solution. Instead of replacing or renting additional tents, AMA may erect pavilions along Site 4. The Site 4 pavilions would be placed along the far south side of the IAC property between the road and the runway where the tents are typically placed throughout the flying season (see attached). In addition to costing about the about the same as the replacement tents, the pavilions will reduce the need for AMA to hire temporary summer help and will be available to members and events all year long. AMA has enough remaining tent inventory to continue providing tents at the IAC including Sites 1, 5, and 3.

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Site Plan pdf

As always, we value your input. Please click here to share your comments and to vote for your recommended solution.

AMA Property, Acquisition, and Development Committee (PADCOM)