Request for Proposals 2021 Indoor NATs / USIC

NFFS and AMA are seeking proposals for candidate sites to hold the 2021 Indoor NATs and US Indoor Championship.

The 2019 NATs was held at the Round Valley Dome in Eagar AZ and was well attended. That site may be available to us for 2021 as well, but we would like to entertain other options as well, so we would like to see if any of the local clubs have a site that could work. Many sites (e.g. university campuses) are going to have trouble making a commitment for 2021 until they have figured out what their own facility needs and what campus schedules are going to look like in the Spring, but if you have an idea lets put it on the table. In the long run, we would like to be moving the Indoor NATs around geographically year-to-year, so if the site can’t commit for 2021, perhaps we can get on their radar for 2022!

Proposal Requirements:

? A known Indoor flying site that has been used for Indoor Free Flight before and is known to be flyable. Any narrative history of Indoor FF activity at the proposed site would be helpful.

? An understanding of what the fee structure might be to procure exclusive access to the space for a 3-5 day time frame in the late May/early June 2021 time period

? Enough local restaurant and hotel infrastructure to support 50-100 flyers

? A “reasonably” local contact that is willing to act as CD and/or Committee Chair to work out the logistical details

? Contact details for the site facility manager who can handle the contract for the site


? Proposal needs to be submitted to NFFS by September 15, 2020

? A decision will be made by October 1, 2020


Any questions can be directed to:

David Lindley