NFFS Hall of Fame

Free Flight Hall of Fame PDF file updated July 2022

The National Free Flight Society has instituted a Hall of Fame for excellence in Free Flight activities. This first year we are honoring past AMA Hall of Fame recipients who have contributed to and promoted Free Flight flying by dedicating this 11th annual Free Flight Society Symposium to them.

The impetus for this project comes from George Perryman, Tony Italiano and Bob Dodds each lending his energy to the project. First thought of as the National Free Flight Society Hall of Fame, which is not, it intends to identify, celebrate and enshrine those special individuals whose life and work has been formative and lasting way for free flight model aviation.

Future appointments proposed to be annually will be made out of the direction of our Free Flight Hall of Fame administrator Tony Italiano through a process of nominations from the Free Flight fraternity with selection by a specially appointed panel.

—1978 NFFS Symposium