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2020 America’s Cup Scores

2020 America’s Cup Scores 11-19-2020

2020 started off great with a fabulous Fab Feb at Lost Hills California.  Next thing I knew I was the CD for the next Lost Hills contest, SCAT Annual, when Covid-19 hit. Try as I may, I cancelled the contest based on the information at the time. At this point I had little hope for a competitive AmCup season.

Slowly many decided being outside flying model airplanes was a great break from the quarantine situations. Covid -19 was reported to be significantly less transmittable outdoors. Contest directors using Covid-19 safety protocols held contests. From the scores, it is clear the attendance was down, the contestants were almost all “locals” that could drive to the field.  I saw more people camping out, I assume to avoid motels.

Of the originally scheduled 34 AmCup 2020 sanctioned contests, 28 contest will have been flown at the completion of the Arizona Championships. Other than F1E with its flying site constraints, all the first place flyers have met the 3 flying site rule to qualify their 4 best contest results. While the entries are down, there has been plenty of competitive FAI free flown this year.

I’m not sure of the award banquet. It looks as the Covid-19 restrictions will be in place here in California so the Fab Feb will likely be Fee (feeble) Fab that will not have the 100 people to make the award banquet financially viable as well as the current restrictions of large gatherings, especially indoors.  If there is no Award banquet, I’ll coordinate a time with the Feb CD’s to do an on the field award presentation for those there. I’ll then coordinate getting the perpetual trophies to the 2020 winners.

Most all the events have been practically decided.  If Canadian Jama Danier could get to Eloy for the Arizona Champs, he could challenge Mike McKeever in F1A. Jerry Fitch if willing to make the California to Arizona drive could challenge Blake Jensen’s first place in F1B. Like his fellow countryman Jama, Yuri Shvedenkov could challenge Faust Parker in F1C.

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