Americas Cup

2019 America’s Cup Scores

2019 America’s Cup Final Scores 1-1-2020

With December Arizona Champs now being the last AmCup contest for the year, the final AmCup report can be reported in 2019.  Six of the ten events had repeat winners from 2018 and the other 4 winners this year placed fourth or higher last year. This I believe is largely due to the high flying excellence of theses competitors but I’m also seeing a decrease in the number of excellent flyers perusing the AmCup win.  Last year two flyers traveled and won at the December Eloy AZ Champs and so won first in their AmCup event. Per the last AmCup report, there were three first place possible changes at the 2019 AZ Champs, none of those with a shot at first place traveled to AZ this year. Perhaps it was post World Champs depleted energy, money and time.
Over the last few years, I have mentioned that perhaps it’s time to restructure the AmCup. Within SCAT, there was no strong movement for change. This along with likely significant life changes for me, we have decided to keep the 2020 AmCup the same.
Congratulation to the 2019 Am Cup winners. In the following ranking, the placing in parentheses are the flyer’s 2018 AmCup placing.
F1A        1st            Jim Parker (second)
F1B         1st            Alex Andriukov (first)
F1C         1st            Faust Parker (first)
F1P         1st            Hayden Ashworth  (third)
F1G        1st            Tiffaney O’Dell (first)
F1H        1st            Blake Jensen (first)
F1J          1st            Faust Parker (first)
F1Q        1st            Ben Tarcher (third)
F1E         1st            Tom Ioerger (fourth)
F1S         1st            Jack Murphy (first)
High time Juniors are Noa Goldstein (F1A) and Hayden Ashworth (F1P).
The 2019 AmCup Award Banquet will again be done on Saturday night of the MaxMen – Bob White International at the Wonderful Park Recreation Room as in the last few years.
Feb 15, 20120. Doors open at 6:30pm for beer and wine, food at 7:30pm. Awards at 8:30pm
The 2019 winners be sure to indicate that fact on the website entry form (see SEN website) for your free banquet dinner. 2018 winners need to be sure your plaque is properly engraved and to put a shine on the perpetual trophies and deliver them to the banquet. 2018 winners that repeated in 2019 can forgo bringing the perpetual trophy if you wish. This would minimize wear to the trophy and ease your logistics. We’ll borrow one the trophies there for photos.
In addition to the 1st place perpetual trophies, per tradition, custom – unique 1st place trophies are given to the ten first place winners.  While looking for new trophy ideas I learned a new genre— Steampunk! Fourth through fifth place winners get a certificate.
Congratulation to the 2019 AmCup Winners.
Jim Parker
SCAT president and AmCup administrator