Americas Cup

2020 America’s Cup Score

2020 America’s Cup Final Scores 12-19-2020

The 2020 FAI FF AmCup season is complete.  The last contest of the year, AZ Champs, resulted in only one fifth place change. Please congratulate our first place winners:

F1A       Mike McKeever
F1B       Blake Jensen
F1C       Faust Parker
F1P       Bob Hanford
F1G       Tiffaney O’Dell
F1H       Jim Parker
F1J        Faust Parker
F1Q       Ben Tarcher
F1E       Jack Greening
F1S        Jack Murphy

As I stated in my previous report, 28 of the originally scheduled 34 contest were flown albeit the entry numbers were down after the start of our shared Covid-19 experience. All the winners fulfilled the three different contest site rule.

At this time, there are no plans for an award banquet during the 2021 Fab Feb Contest at Lost Hills.  I will endeavor to have the award certificates (first through fifth) and the first place keeper trophy at Fab Feb and have an award presentation on the field, day and time TBD. I will coordinate getting the perpetual trophies to the winners. Five of the winners have the trophy from their 2019 win so that reduces my effort.

Over the last several years, SCAT has discussed revamping the AmCup score system to move from the original “encourage travel to other flying sites” to a more “performance award” system but we are putting this off another year to see if the lower contest attendance due to Covid-19 stays the norm or it returns to prior levels. We will plan to continue AmCup in 2021 with the same contests we started with in 2020. Please contact me should any club wish to drop from the AmCup calendar or wish to be added.

My thanks to the clubs and CDs that run the contests and especially now with the added burden of maintaining health safety guide lines as well.

Send score correction to

Jim Parker
SCAT president and AmCup administrator