Americas Cup

2021 America’s Cup Scores

Latest 2021 Scores 10/1/21

The current 2021 AmCup scores has two ties, F1A and F1B and several other tight races. With  the Covid scramble of the Lost Hills Fab Feb contests rescheduled to October we should see excellent competition as the leaders try to hold off the end of the year hard chargers. Let Octo-Free Flight- fest begin!
Covid also messed up the Jr W Champs situation, the original Jr W Ch for 2020 in Deva Romina was cancelled, then scheduled to be flown with the Open W Ch in France in 2021 which was also cancelled. So the current FAI schedule is for the next Jr Champs to be in Bulgaria on Aug 1-4, 2022. The last Jr Team, 2018 flew in Pazardzik, Bulgaria. I was the team manager and can testify that we had a wonderful time at a well run contest. Time will only tell if the world will be in a new normal that will have save, easy travel to our FF events around the globe. For now let us enjoy our great sport as we can.
For general Jr Team info see the National Free Flight website, look under Competition and click to get the pull down menu and click Junior.  As of today, the old 2020 letter and Jr Team Program is still linked.  Charlie Jones, Alan Petterson and I will get this updated soon. The 2022 Jr Team selection Program is largely the same as the 2020 program. It is based on scores from the AmCup contests flown between June 1, 2021 an the end of the 2022 SCAT annual. There is no entry fee and once the 2022 Jr Team Program is posted I’ll request all interested Jrs to send me the application form in the program.
Currently only two Jrs have scores,    F1B:  Ittai Kohavi 182.8 pts and , Skylar Donney 97.6pts.   In F1A, Noa Goldstien, Liad Friedman and Anat Goldstien  did well in contests earlier this year but prior to the June 1, 2021 program start. Also, in F1P, Henry Feister.
Don’t let this dampen your interest!  There are plenty of contests still to fly.  Also, we’re very interested in any new Jr F1A,B, P flyers. In recent years we have been challenged to field a full team (3 flyer in each of the three events).
Jr Team SubCommitte:
Jim Parker , Charlie Jones, Sevac Malkasyan


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Jim Parker
SCAT president and AmCup administrator