Youth in Free Flight Competition

2020 Junior World Free Flight Championships
August 3-9, 2020, Deva Romania

USA Jr Team Selection Standings

Good News: We have seen some outstanding good flying from the juniors that have entered the Jr program. Hayden leads in F1P and won F1P AmCup!
Bad news: No F1B flyers. Charlie Jones and I are working a couple of potential Jr flyers.

The Jr World Champs will be at Deva, Romania, Aug. 3-9, 2020. What a wonderful opportunity for young people to not only develop aeronautic- mechanical- electrical knowledge and use but to see how other young people in the world live and fly free flight.

For those with some FF experience but not familiar with the FAI models and competition, it can look intimidating.  Now days, building of the model is not required, in fact few do. There are quality models available at low to no cost to young flyers that demonstrate an interest in F1A, B or P. The hardest part is finding an event appropriate mentor if the junior flyer does not come from a FAI free flight family or live near an active FF site.  With proper models and instruction, I’m amazed how quickly young flyers can master these events.  Contact Charlie or me and we’ll see if we can link you up.

The cost for the Jr WCh for the junior team members are covered by AMA, Team Selection Program and generous donations from flyers across the country. Historical we have been able to cover all entry fees, car rental and hotel cost.  The junior’s guardian (required by AMA) pays little to none for their share of the car rental and hotel room costs for the duration of the WCh (typically 8 to 9 days). I’d recommend if you have any thoughts of getting an interested junior flyer involved, that you talk to any of the previous Jr team families, Charlie or myself or read some of the articles on the NFFs website under the Competition / Junior.

A great start for a new FAI FF interested junior would be to make any of the Fab Feb contest at Lost Hills, Feb 2020.  Contact us and we’ll arrange a training session.

The end of the current Jr Team selection program is the 2020 Max Men contest. However, the program has allowances to place flyers on the open team positions. At this time there are 3 open positions in F1B and 1 open position in F1P. This placement process is based on the Jr Team Selection Committee’s recognition that the junior flyer has the needed skills and models to fly at the Jr W. Champs.

The current standings are:

Goldstein, Noa                285.6
Ulm, Adelaide                 251.5
Stalick, Roman               188.7

F1B- no entrants

Ashworth, Hayden         300.0
Stalick, Roman              195.1

USA FAI FF Team Selection Committee
Jim Parker
Charlie Jones

2018 Junior World Free Flight Championships
August 4 – 10, 2018, 
Pazardzik, Bulgaria
Official scores

The 2018 United States Junior Free Flight Team (from left to right):Team Manager Jim  Parker, Asst. Manager Sevak Malkasyan, Kyle Gerspacher, Roman Stalick, Adelaide Ulm, Joel Yori, and Hayden Ashworth

Final Report on the 2018 Junior World Championships by Bob Stalick

2016 Junior World Championships

August 1- 7, Prilep, Macedonia
Contest web site

The 2016 United States Junior Free Flight Team (from  left to right): Alex Stalick, Sevak Malkhasyan, Jace Pivonka, Team Manager Jim Parker, Troy Davis, Cade Fedor (with flag), and Joel Yori. Also pictured, holding the sign, was our Macedonian guide for the ceremony, Evgenja.
Contest Report by Bob Stalick

2014 Junior World Championships

2014 Junior Team

Salonta, Romania, July 28 to Aug 3, 2014

The 2014 Team

Garrett Tremayne
Logan Tetrick
Alex Stalick

Sevak Malkhasyan
Jace Pivonka
Troy Davis

Taron Malkhasyan
Cade Fedor
Colby Fedor


2012 Junior World Championships

2012 US Junior Free Flight Team

Mengesko-Kamnisko polje, Slovenia. July 27 to August 3, 2012

Front row left: Gina Barron (F1A), Peyton Tetrick (F1B)
Rear: George Batiuk (team manager), Brian Pacelli (F1B, F1P),Taron Malkhasyan (F1A,F1P), Sevak Malkhasyan (F1B,F1P), Logan Tetrick (F1A)

Brian Pacelli won first place in F1B (Wakefield) Video of Brian flying, and Taron Malkhasyan won first place in F1P.

2010 Junior World Championships

2010 Junior Team

Salonta, Romania, August 1-7, 2010

Back row: Brede Doerner (F1B), Oliver Cai (F1A),
Middle row: Brian Pacelli (F1B 2nd place, F1P), Chinmay Jaju (F1P), George Batiuk (Team Manager), Miles Johnson (F1A, 2nd place)
Front row: Sevak Malkhasyan (F1B), Taron Malkhasyan (F1P, 2nd place), Logan Tetrick (F1A)

2008 Junior World Championships

2008 Junior Team

The U.S.A. Junior Team, Motyzhin, Ukraine, August 2008.

Left to right: Kyle Jones, Oliver Cai, Cody Secor, Michelle Radziunas, Evan Simon, Brian Pacelli,
John Shailor, Chinmay Jaju, Anthony Ferrario, Timothy Barron, George Batiuk, Sarah Radziunas.
Photo by Kathy Radziunas.

2008 Junior World Championships Results
Photos From Cenny Breeman

2008 US Team Wins the Challenge France Juniors

Michelle Radziunas 2008 F1B Wakefield

Michelle Radziunas launching her Wakefield in Germany, 2008


2006 Junior World Championships

2006 Junior Team

The U.S.A. Junior Team, Germany, August 2006. Evan Simon,Kyle Jones, Anthony Ferrario, Bryan Bauer, Paul Shailor, Tyler Secor, Cody Secor, Taylor Gunder, Center, Brian Pacelli. Photo by Bill Shailor

Full 2006 Junior World Championships story here


2004 Junior World Championships

2004 Junior Team

The U.S.A. Junior Team, France, August 2004. Photo by John Lorbiecki.




Contenders for the 2004 U.S.A. Junior World Championships Team at the Nats, July 2003 Photo by Chuck Markos. Larger version 1200 x 900


2002 Junior World Championships

2002 jr outdoor Free Flight team

The right stuff…    The 2002 Junior Outdoor Team after a long day of flying and chasing Wakefields.

2002 Junior World Championships Results

2002 Junior Indoor Team Story