National Cup

8-3-04 Bob Mattes, Norm Covalt

Bob Mattes and Dick Kovalt, 2004 Nats

The NFFS sponsors eight National Cup competitions for Senior-Open participants and one cup for Juniors.
Competition details are outlined in the National Cup Rules posted below.

Latest update January 10, 2022

2021 National Cup Final  Scores

Past National Cup Final Scores

This year’s winners are duplicates of last year’s winners except for the hotly contested Electric Cup, where Drake Hooke reclaimed the title from four years ago, after Jack Murphy had held it for three consecutive years.  There were at least five lead changes between the two since September, with each overtaking the other after flying at separate contests.  Drake attended four contests in two months, posting a dozen scores to eventually take the lead for good.  Good flying by both, each posting the maximum number of scores allowed.

One of the duplicate winners is Skilly DeLoach in the Junior Cup, only the third repeat winner of that Cup, and the second to win it in consecutive years.  Doc Schneider repeated his win in the Large Nostalgia Gas Cup, his seventh in the last eight years, and Gerald Brown won his fourth consecutive AMA Gas Cup, his seventh in the past nine years.

Speaking of consecutive, we’re now about to enter the twenty-third year of the National Cup, and next year Tim Batiuk is going for his twentieth consecutive Glider Cup win—that’s an amazingly long string of consistent flying.

New for next year—the Nostalgia Rubber Cup will be renamed the NFFS Rubber Cup, with Andrade Rubber added to Large and Small Nostalgia Rubber as a third event to that Cup.

Needed for next year—your contest schedules!  Now comes the most difficult portion of each year, compiling the contest calendar.  My first assumption will be to carry each meet over to the same weekend for next year, but with so many rescheduled contests from last year, that won’t be correct in all cases.  Please send your dates ASAP to both Don DeLoach and me, as he needs to assemble the contest calendar for the NFFS website.

Some ISP’s apparently remove attachments from mass mailings, as I get emails stating that nothing is attached.  If it happens to you, please let me know, and I’ll send them again to you individually, as that seems to work.

If you have any questions regarding scoring, or any other aspect of the program, please contact me.

That’s it for now—thanks again for all the help from you CD’s.  Couldn’t do this without you.

Bob Hanford
(918) 500-8383


Free Flight Contest Calendar

National Cup Competition Rules, 2022


AMA Form # 317 FAI Free Flight Time Accumulation

National Cup Pre-Contest Info Form MS Word      PDF

National Cup Results Report Form   MS Word  PDF 

Contest Directors – Please download the Word versions of both the Pre-Contest Info and Results Report Forms and use them to submit information electronically. Alternatively, download the PDF forms, complete them legibly, and submit via US mail.

For PDF files you’ll need the Adobe Acrobat Reader. Free download here  getacro

National Cup Administrator

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