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Denny Dock

Have four new ones about ready to go.
1959 Hi-Trail 500 for Golden Age event..Mel Schmidt design…6.5 oz…Polyspan light on the wing…tissue on the stab…Ultra cote light on the Fuse…Klass kote on the front. First contest power model I can remember my Dad flying…500sg in. with a K&B 09.

Egg Nog 500…Flat bottom Nig Nog…18oz…Cox Conquest 15…Polyspan light on the stab and wing tips, regular Polyspan on the wing center section…Ultracote light on the fuse…Klass Kote on the front end.

1/2 Nos. Pendleton Fault…7oz(1/2oz heavy)…Polyspan Light on the wing…Tissue on the stab
1/4a Nos Pendleton Fault…3.5 oz…Tissue covered
I have been flying 1/4a and 1/2a Crescendo’s with a fair amount of success but seamed to always have to tinker with them every contest.(all straight rib construction). Hopefully the Pendleton’s with the X construction will fly out of the box a little more consistently.

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