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The Spacer had its first test flights at Geneseo this weekend in a pretty windy test flying session. In the first couple of flights it went up left, so I had to reduce left thrust to three degrees and left rudder to 1/16, and then it started grooving pretty good — tight right spiral flipping over into a left glide when the engine cuts. Because of the wind I didn’t give it the full nine seconds, but it looks pretty safe. I set it up exactly as Robert suggested, 3/16 wash-in in the right panel, 1/8 washout in each tip and the balance at 62 percent. The incidence shown on the 1954 Model Airplane News plan turned out to be dead on. Initially, I had 1/16 balsa under the trailing edge of the stab but I had to take it out. It’s nice when things the way you expect, and very rare too. I still have to finish the tissue decorating. It’s been so cold and wet this spring it has been a struggle to get models covered out in the garage. This one just got finished the night before I left for Geneseo.

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