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    I said I may make a folder for the C gas model and I guess I did…It will ultimately be a 10″ diameter, but at this point is a bit bigger. It is all carbon and was a bit of a copy from a prop that I had pretty good luck with. It is far from perfect, but showed that I could actually make one.

    The hub is aluminum and will fit into the spinner cutout. The blades are a combination of unidirectional and bidirectional carbon, using West Systems 105/205. They are quite rigid and seem to be pretty good. I am probably going to modify the mold so that the center is better.

    I made a quickie mold using Bondo. It was good enough for two blades. With care, I think I could actually make one that I could do more pulls from. This was just an experiment and seemed to work OK…

    The blades and assembly actually look better than the pictures…

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