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    Does anyone know of a source of an 11/32 32 tpi tap. I want to adapt my Cox heads to Nelson plugs.
    Also who sells Nelson plugs and which on is suitable.
    Thanks in anticipation

    Ed Hardin

    I buy my TD .049 heads and plugs from Doug Gilbreath at the following link: http://www.the-printer.net/DookCat.html#head


    Thats a cool link, but I don’t understand Japanese or is it Chinese!!!! I would have thought with a name like Galbraith he might be Scottish.


    Hi Doc

    Don’t waste your time trying to procure a tap for the Nelson plug as reworking Cox plugs to take the Nelson is not a simple process (the subject was covered extensively on the r/c universe forum) and you will need additional tools to drill and machine the plug seat which is critical.

    Save yourself a fortune and buy a Galbreath head for the Cox 049 and a plug direct from Doug and you will be in front right from the start. If you don’t believe me price up the tap and you will find you can buy several heads and spare plug for the same amount of money.

    Oh and Doug’s site is in English

    Ployd in OZ


    The subject tap can be obtained from MSC Industrial Supply in an import version which is very good for about $19. Both plug ( MSC # 04841920) and bottoming styles (MSC # 048441938) are available. If you are trying to modify a Cox 049 head there is really not enough meat in the head to permit the modification. You need to go to Doug Galbreath and buy his for all of $10. For the 09 and 15 size Cox engines I have worked out a mod to existing plugs for the Nelson plug that runs as good as or better than the stock plug. Note that there are fast and slow versions of the 09 and 15 plugs. Send me an email and we can get together.

    I am still working on a head for the 020 which will use the flat coil Nelson plug. I have been playing with it for about 2 years and finally think I am there. Performance in excess of the stock plug has been achieved on a couple prototypes. I will post results as soon as available. Dean McGinnes has an approach that provides a performance boost.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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