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    This is the official announcement for a little evening fun-fly at the NATS.
    Winning it will be worth the trouble. Trust me on this.


    A FUN FLY for 12 in span Catapult Gliders will be held on Wed evening,
    August 2, after the daily awards. That would be about 5:30 PM.
    Entry is FREE!!!

    We call it: “BEAT THE VARTANIAN”
    All those interested, sign up with me @ Control area.

    Now for some easy rules:
    Any 12″ span cat glider, weighing 10 grams min.
    Launcher per AMA CLG rules[6″ handle, 18″ rubber, etc]
    Flying will be MASS LAUNCH STYLE, probably in eliminator heats.
    If all fliers in a heat do 120 sec they will continue to fly.
    Time one, fly one, as usual, so build one, bring your stopwatches & join the FUN!

    Some prize or other is in the offing, I am told by a person to be named later.
    Stay tuned, & get to BUILDING some 12″ Catapults!

    See you at the NATS,
    Leeper, the Fun Meister


    It was before my time so I have to wonder, was there a furvor over the first use of a finger rest under the trailing edge of the wing on a HLG so it could be tossed higher? Was there an attempt to outlaw it or give it a category of its own because it was an advantage? It’s something we wouldn’t do without except maybe for a Cat I indoor HLG.


    I watched most of the competition at this event. There were about 20 guys who had a ball. The first guys all launched into a nice thermal in unison, and I don’t think they really knew who won this round.

    Anyhow, everyone, including the spectators, all had smiles on their faces, and some of these models could have won the regular CLG event.

    I don’t know if it was the model size, or the contest format that enticed so many entrants, but it was a huge success.

    Thanks to Lee Hines, the NFFS hall of famer, for organizing this event!

    I had wing blanks cut out, but just did not have enough time to finish them for the NATS.

    Dean McGinnes

    My grandson, Albert Johnson had a blast. He also launched into a thermal, but it did not start going up at first. We nearly counted him down until Dan spotted it climbing and went after it. 😯

    Lots of fun, thanks Dan and Lee. 🙂


    I know that young Albert was pretty geeked to win his prelimunary heat. On the final flight my ‘Palm Bay Trollop’ did better than any flight in the regular CLG event, where I continually spun out of turbulent lift. I wonder if Indiana’s change to day light saving time threw Lee for a loop. I hadn’t anticipated so much thermal activity at that time, but it was surely there.

    Maybe next year the wind will cooperate.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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