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    Am curious after discovering some old plans in Air Trails “Classic Flying Models” with an article on a Casano “Glamour Girl” Wakefield. Has anyone built this and flown this particular rubber job? It holds a lot of intrigue for the period in time. However after I enlarged the plans at my local Kinko’s I noted the cord measurements were at 3.25 inches. No doubt an error in the original drawing…all else measured out perfectly when enlarged.

    Note – for a much higher resolution drawing go to


    Corrected note: Stab cord on the original plans was at 3.75 inches and when this plan was enlarged going by the wing cord- the stab cord only measured 3.25 inches. This is where I found a drawing error…Also it was noted there was not a DT with this model. Don’t really want to see a “fly-away” even if one just wants to have some fun with this model at a club meet, so a DT of some sorts would have to be part of the building of model.


    Interesting looking model.

    DT would be very easy to set up and needed for sure.
    Slit the rear of fin through where it’s level with the stab,. and do the usual set up.

    About the only change I would make is a peg in the rear rather than that nasty dangerous rear wire hook

    had one pull out once that was well secured—-so I thought. About 3/4 turns on winding and it all came out and punched me in the stomach. Hook and partly wound rubber all came out fast without any fuselage damage.
    If ya care—LOL, I was bare top

    I enjoy the sun, and had a very nice mark that my wife thought most peculiar. 😳

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