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    A few of you might have heard of me but most probably don’t. My name is Jim Dunkin. I published a 2.5cc international model airplane engine reference book back around 2002. It had 979 engines listed in it. At that time, the engines were in my collection. That edition has sold out but there have been many requests for a 2nd edition. I decided to go ahead with one but obviously, there would not be enough new engines in my collection to make it worthwhile so I have been adding photos of the many engines I have photographed over the years. I also have been soliciting photos and information from anyone who is willing to provide some. I have increases the database for the 2nd edition to 1276 engined to date. I expect to be getting more in the comine months. Aside from soliciting engines, I would like to use this forum to find information about some of the engine builders. I have always been a CL flier with not much contact with FF fliers. I did attend the 2001 Champs in Lost hills and wrote an article for the NFFS (with pictures) about the engines they used there. I still have some questions about some of the ff engines and/or competitors. If anyone would be willing to help, I guess contact me through this forum or directly by personal messages. I don’t know if I can give out my e-mail or not.

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