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    Evidentally this program is a well kept secret. Information has appeared in the SEN forum several times, but is not posted in the NFFS forum.

    Recent F1B announcement:

    USA Junior F1B Program
    From: “Walt Ghio”

    I would like to announce a new program for F1B Junior flyers. Jim Parker
    had made reference to an F1B program in a SCAT web site message about the
    Junior team selection program several months ago.

    I had been in contact with Igor Vivchar about purchasing several of his
    “simple” models for this program. Igor did not have all the models
    available that I wanted so they had to be produced. The models just arrived
    from Igor. I did not wanted to announce the program without having the
    models on hand. There is two months left before the team selection and a
    junior still has time to get the model flying and prepare for the team
    finals in Muncie.

    Two of the Prima models are available and four of the Suprima models.
    Please review the below program and send the application to me.
    Distribution of the models will be based on the date application were sent
    to me.

    We all would like to thank Roy Hanson who made a donation to me for this
    complete junior program. His support paid for the six models and rubber
    that are included with the models. Without his donation this could not have
    happened so readily.
    Junior F1B Support Program: Walt Ghio, f1bwalt@comcast.net

    Below is a new Junior F1B program. Any junior who is interested in trying
    out for the Junior FAI Free Flight Team program may utilize this program.
    We have made the program plan as simple as possible to encourage junior
    flyers and their parents or supporters to sign up. The goal is to support
    new or present Junior F1B flyers for the upcoming 2008 team selection and
    also the 2010 team selection. Please read the program and e-mail me at:
    f1bwalt@comcast.net if you have any questions.

    Junior F1B Program
    2007 Junior Program

    Stage 1

    Provide F1B rule information and general model information along with an
    Igor Vivchar “Prima” model. The Prima model is a beginner F1B airplane
    intended for young modelers who are starting the sport of “Wakefield”. This
    model uses a mechanical timer with an auto-rudder. Included also will be
    pre-made motors from Alex Andriukov. The intent of Stage 1 is to introduce
    first time 8-13 years old FF flyers to Junior FAI FF Team program that wish
    to fly F1B rubber powered models.

    Stage 2

    Provide F1B rule information and general model information along with an
    Igor Vivchar “Suprima” F1B model. Igor’s Suprima model is the next step for
    learning / flying F1B models above the basic Prima model. It is a more
    competitive model along with using an instant prop release system,
    mechanical timer, VIT and auto-rudder. Included also will be pre-made
    motors from Alex Andriukov. The intent of Stage 2 is to provide a model for
    the Junior’s that have mastered the beginner stages of Wakefield flying and
    want to step up to a more competitive model. To qualify for this stage the
    Junior must demonstrated some level of flying F1B models to the program

    Program Entry:

    – For Junior FAI flyers that will be under the age of 19 throughout the
    entire calendar year of 2008 are eligible.

    – Submit a Junior FAI FF Team Selection Application. Please contact Lisa
    Johnson at AMA for registration.

    – Submit a Junior F1B Registration Form of interest. (see attached)

    Upon the receipt of a completed Junior F1B Application, a start-up package
    with event rules, photo’s of the models and applicable web sites, etc will
    be sent to the Junior’s home address. After reviewing the application and
    if accepted the model of choice will be mailed to the Junior flyer who sent
    in the application free of charge.

    Support for the Junior Program Entry:

    If so requested on the Junior F1B Registration Form, every effort will be
    made to link the interested Junior flyer with an experienced F1B FF flyer
    via Team Selection Committee, FF Clubs, NFFS and SCAT Web site (SEN).


    Walt Ghio is administrator for the Junior F1B Program. Walt will coordinate
    distribution of the Prima and Suprima models to the qualified Juniors.


    Roy Hanson is the main supporter for this F1B program. The Florida Modelers
    Association, Magnificent Mountain Men, Max Men, Sierra Eagles, Southern
    California Aero Team and Stockton Gas Model Association, clubs have
    committed to supporting this program financially along with the present F1P
    Junior program. Additional support and assistance is welcomed. Please
    contact Walt Ghio.

    Junior F1B Program
    Registration Form

    Junior Flyers Name: ____________________________

    Address: _________________________________

    Date of Birth _______________

    Phone Number: _______________________

    Email __________________________

    AMA No. __________________

    Parent’s Name: ___________________________

    Check the stage(s) of interest

    Stage 1 __ Prima model

    Stage 2 __ Suprima model

    Requirement: List previous contest results for F1B models

    Please complete and return form to: Walt Ghio, 1380 Elkhorn Dr, Stockton,
    CA 95209, f1bwalt@comcast.net

    Signed: _________________________

    Date: _____________________


    Thanks Dave. No one had sent me that.
    Here is more information on the Junior Program –
    Including the AMA application form and information on how to apply.

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