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    Overall, the Nats were run well and even the weather was reasonable on most of the days, perfect sometimes (Thursday morning in the early flyoffs). The following are a few comments to about the Nats, and hopefully others would post their comments as well.

    1. The Nats logo this year was outstanding graphically (at least in my opinion). But I was disappointed that it was not incorporated into the awards. A few year back, in the late 90s’, I had an award that included the Nats logo in color and it was really stood out. Just engraving a large/medium or small black plastic sheets on a slab of wood does not turn me on.

    2. Hall of Fame awards at the Wednesday NFFS dinner. The only award recipient who was allowed to speak was Abram Van Dover. He added some details and color getting his service award. It is a shame that the HOF recipients were not allowed to say a few words. Fred Pearce, for example, is very smart and knowledgeable. Art Ellis would have put in a plug for the junior program and Lee Campbell would have spoken about his business. This would definitely would more color to the evening.

    3. Results. The Nats new had nice pictures, mini write-ups and results. But it seemed unable to cope with events that had flyoffs (F1B, F1C and F1J) to name a few. Their results were simply ignored. Think that a better day-by-day result scoring should be tried, maybe even in the form of daily pdf files like at the World Championship in Croatia. Maybe even round by round results.

    4. Think that the event CD and his assistance(s), if any, should be noted on the final official scores of each event. I happen to have run F1A over the last three years at the Nats, as a public service to the sport. However, Lee Campbell – the Nats’ CD – only knew who the event CDs were in the previous year. Publishing this information each year as part of the official results will help create a better institutional memory as well as a larger pool of potential CDs and helpers. (Some European World Cup reports even put these characters + the jury at the top of their reports. Order is order, Klick,Klick 🙂


    I agree with Aram on the Nats commentary. Congrats on your F1B win! Here are some things I’d like to add:

    I was looking forward to the metal plates on the plaques that came in gold, silver, or bronze to the top 3 winners because it added a shininess to the piece of wood and it has been that way for a while (I don’t know about last year cause I wasn’t able to make last year’s Nats). I’m being a bit picky…

    I wished that the HOF inductees got to say something so at least I heard some stories about them. There were some names that I recognized from Sympo articles so I was looking forward to hearing about their work over the years. I just thought the HOF awards were a bit rushed.

    After seeing the amazing work the Croatians have done publishing round-by-round scores and posting videos/photos, I feel that they have set the standard high for future contests. This is utilization of technology! In order for such real-time updating to occur, there must be a good Internet connection on and off the field.

    I would like to thank Bill Shailor for running an excellent Pre-Nats contest. With the turbulent weather, maxes were shortened and flightlines were shifted appropriately.



    Nats official reports have a single number – which is a person’s total score. It would be nice to split the score to the regular rounds (in FAI) or the official flights in AMA, and report the flyoff scores separately.

    For example, in A-electric, Scot Lapraik had a total of 1320 seconds. There were 3 Official 2 minute flights so his split score would be: 360 + 960 = 1320. In F1B for example, there was a 4 minute flight, followed by four 3 minute flights followed by two 2 minute flights to a total of 20 minutes or 1200 seconds. So Eddie VanLandingham’s score of 1439 is actually 1200 + 239 = 1439.

    This would give a better idea about what really happend.

    Ed Hardin

    Any word on who the high point winners were?


    Hi point winners
    AMA Gas – Greg Hinrichs

    Nostalgia Rubber – Bud Romak

    AMA Glider – Stan Buddenbohm

    AMA Rubber – Chuck Markos

    AMA Classic Gas – Bob Mattes

    Nostalgia Gas – Larry Davidson

    Hi-Point Junior – Logan Tetrict

    Hi-Point Senior – Miles Johnson

    AMA Gas might be different. I stress ‘might’. It could depend on where the scores were gathered from. The NatsNews site has AMA and FAI scores , but some are wrong. D Gas and F1C gas show incorrect winners.
    P30 Open isn’t on the list. Kinda weird.


    I called Lois Mock at AMA, after trying to reach Greg Hahn the last few days, about missing and incorrect Nat scores . It turns out that there is a Helicopter World Championship on the field this week and that everyone in the competitions department has been recruited. Next week, when things wind down, they might have the time to address these matters.


    AMA Gas champ is Greg. D gas results don’t show Gerald Brown as winner. Officil paperwork does, however. Didn’t change the outcome.
    AMA Gas and Classic Gas champs were seperated by one point each. Close competition!
    NosGas champ was a runaway. Larry is simply amazing.

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