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    The 2015 Outdoor Free Nationals have come and gone. In the opinion of myself, the Contest Director, the NATs was a resounding success. We were lucky enough to have good weather most of the week. It appeared to me that the contestants had an enjoyable week of friendly and intense competition. After being involved with the NATs for the first time at the operations level, I can attest to the fact a competition of this magnitude cannot happen without the hard work and cooperation of the AMA Headquarter’s staff, the NFFS executive committee, and the numerous volunteer helpers.

    I would like to thank the following for their efforts in making this year’s NATs as successful as it was and making my job as CD easy. I won’t name everybody involved because there are so many volunteers who helped throughout the week and I don’t want to leave anybody out. You know who you are and the Free Flight community appreciates your service.

    AMA Staff:
    Overall coordination and score accumulation – Yolanda
    Maintenance – Josh and Greg
    The trophy producing and engraving folks
    The volunteer’s shirt printing folks
    The Museum personnel who made the perpetual trophies available to us
    Golf cart and radio issuing at the farm house – Wayne

    NFFS Executive Council Members and volunteer staff:
    Overall coordination and troubleshooting – John Lorbiecki
    Score accumulation and posting – Patti Lorbiecki, Karen Yutzy, Frannie Masterman and numerous other volunteers
    Processing – numerous volunteers everyday
    Trophy ordering and birddogging – David Mills
    Championship computing – Bob Hanford
    NATs News reporting – Don DeLoach
    FAI Events Directors and assistants
    FAC Events Director and assistant
    Glider Pen Events Directors and assistants
    ROW/Cargo/Dawn Unlimited/Payload Events Director and assistants
    Folks that ran the evening and morning unofficial events

    I’m sure I have missed some tasks that were manned by volunteers. As you can see, it takes many folks volunteering and giving of their time to put on a national championship of this scale. Thanks again for making my job easy.

    Mike Fedor
    2015 Outdoor FF NATs Contest Director

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