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    Scott Lapraik

    Attached are pics. of my 1/2A contenders for 2017! Okie Bird with stab shortened, fus. lengthened 2 in., pwr. VA MkII .049. Second is my own design that I named 1/2A Dawg, 282 sq. in. wing, pwr. Cyclon .049, total weight of each is right at 7.8 ozs. Next day the winds are favorable we’ll see what they do!! Initial glides in front yard look very promising!!


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    I had a VA .049 on my bone stock Okie Bird 1/2A and it went really well. Unfortunately, a month in a cornfield didn’t help that motor much. So it’s now back to a TD .049 for our Old Favorites event, which allows any balsa model as long as it’s powered by a TD .049/051. I also have an A/B version with a Cox Conquest .15 which goes pretty well. The Okie Bird is a great airplane!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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