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    Dohrman Crawford

    When one of our club members passed away, we had an estate sale to make some money for his family. I purchased an old Campbell kits A/B Spacer from the early 1980’s. It appears to be an excellent kit. I don’t have a lot of choices as to engines, however, I have a Veco .29 that might work. I haven’t seen that many Spacers flown in Nos gas events. Any old Spacer drivers have any advice?
    One of my club mates has flown a number of them, and they seem to fly very well, although they seem a bit squirrely at times.
    I measured the plan and came up with a wing area of right at 611 sq in. or so.

    Dean McGinnes

    There being no space betweem “A” and “B”, I have always wondered at the origin of the name, but I digress. 😕 😯 😕

    It should be a hoot with a .29!!

    I think Luddite Dan has some “Spacer” time in his logbook.


    I flew my 1/2A Spacer today. Always a thrill.
    That plane will go very fast with a 29. It will be squirrelly. If I was gonna do it, I’d put 2 spars on the top of the wing-one just in front of the main and another halfway back. I think the big one has 2 spars. Put a spar above the one on the stab. 2-3 degrees downthrust and 2-3 left thrust. Move the CG forward and raise the stab to get it gliding. Fly it Rt/Rt. A good bit of left tab to start with. Launch it about 80 degrees vertical. Prepare to duck.
    I know several guys who feel there is an obligation to warn everyone that you’re about to fly a Spacer. I’m one of them.

    Dorhman, I’ll show you my little one in Pensacola.

    Timer Guy

    I flew an AB Spacer for many years and it was solid as a rock. Flew right off the building table. Mine was light weight so flew it with a GH .19 and .23. It was from a California Models kit. Good wood. I even VTO launched it one time to see what would happen. Went fine. Flew it right/left just like the plans said. Yes, I know Sal later on went to right right. A bit of left rudder tab, some right panel wash out, and stab tilt for left glide. It always finished well. Flew away from me at Muncie with a fouled DT line. tiny dot in the southern sky. No radio on it. Plastic film covering.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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