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    Hi Guys

    This is my first post here – I’ve flown electric-power R/C for many years and now my interests (always esoteric) seem to be wandering to freeflight.
    Can anyone recommend what airfoils have been commonly used on the 1/2A Nostalgia Gas designs that seem to be adapted to E36?

    I’m interested in building an E36 model and I’m a “draw your own” kind of guy. 😀

    Jim Jennings

    Doug, I like the Verbitsky BE50. You can see it here:
    Here is another interesting site:



    For E-36 I’m flying an old model I used as my backup for class A at
    the 89 USOC (the FF Nats was neglected in those days). It has a
    Sokolov airfoil, which is sort of like the Verbitsky. The model hangs
    air good but needs lift to max. My primary for the 89 USOC is not
    useable for E-36 because it has a 42 inch span, but it has a flat
    bottomed airfoil and glides just as well os the one with the Sokolov.
    A flat bottomed airfoil is generally stronger and more warp-resitant
    than an undercambered section. Whichever you use, If you use
    multispar construction, I’d have spars paired: one just above the
    other. This seems less prone to curl into a potato chip.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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