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    So who has the best airfoil for towline gliders?? Or what is the best airfoil for towline gliders?

    Or is the only way to increase still air performance by bunting higher?

    My 1970 Hugh Langevin gliders do 2:45 from 164 foot (50 meter) gentle releases. A Buntbone in the same air will do about 3:05 with the same launch. A 10 ounce F1A size with high aspect ratio wing gets me up to 3:35. How much of the 30 seconds is from weight decrease or higher aspect ratio design is unknown yet. I guess I should load up that 10 ounce model to 14.5 ounces and find out!

    But what is the next step in improving performance?? I mean real glide performance, not just zooming it up higher by more speed at the launch.

    Just some stuff for you guys to ponder for 2006. I want answers!

    I have some things to try soon, just as soon as the snow melts.

    Bill Shailor

    If all you’re going to do is glide it off the line with little zoom,
    I’d recommend a CH 407. We used it back in the straight-tow and early circle tow days. Happy Hookers designed by Paul Crowley would easily do between 3:15 to 3:40 in still air.


    Hello Bill Shailor

    You should build one of those Happy Hookers for the 2006 NATS Dawn towline event. Should be a winner.

    I think that I am leaning towards the F1B airfoils for F1A. Vasi has built some Super BuntBones with Andriukov AA29 airfoil, and already won with it.

    I am also going to try some tests with an F1C wing, less undercamber that most F1As.

    I think I have the plans for the Happy Hooker someplace, will have to see what the airfoil looks like?

    Bill Shailor

    I still have one or two. I brought one last year and intended to fly it in Classic towline. Instead, I wound up in the corn and rain looking for Jim Haught’s F1J!
    By the time I got it out of there, it was Miller Time!
    I’ll bring it along this year.

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