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    I went to my first Nationals last yeaer and intend to repeat the performance in 20007 a little bit better prepared. We are equipped with a chase bike this year as my wife feels we are both getting too old to be chasing models on foot.

    I have seen some chase bikes equipped with carriers so the driver can use both hands on the handlebars. DOes anyone have any design or construction suggestions for such a device? Even a pictur would be a help.


    John Frothingham
    Brunswick, ME

    George Reinhart

    Say type of model, it might make big difference in the design of the carrier you need.


    I am flying Class A gas , 1/2A Gas, Mulvihill, classic towline and P30 Rubber. Looking for a solution that will accommodateall, if possible. Thanks.


    Bill Shailor

    The ones I’ve seen for smaller models is basically a box bungeed to the fron goose neck, between the handlebars. It was about 10″x10″x30″ and the bottom rested on the front fender. The wings and stabs would have to come off and everything slid into the upright-mounted box. A nice idea for smaller models.


    Many thanks! That’s much too simple. I was headed down the road of an aft mounted contraption of PVC pipe that I would slide the entire plane into and drive back to the flight line. Your idea would work for all most of my aircraft.


    Bill is such a nice guy….

    Here is the PVC contraption…..

    I have seen ones made out of PVC pipe that mount to the rear carrier (behind the seat) and are “U” shaped. There are two of these that make a cradle. Then on the upper portion of the “U” is placed foam rubber tubing. The fuselage goes between the “U”s with the wing resting on top of the rubber. It is then strapped down, so that the fuse is parallel to the ground. The wings are level and the LE is facing towards the front (hard to explain but easy when you see it…). Thus, when you go forward on the bike, the wing is flying.

    Problem with this is that if you tip, the airplane is junk. That is also a good reason to just hold the model. If you happen to start falling, just let it go. This is also a great reason to pull the stab down when returning. If you should tip, just give the model a test glide….

    I still think that either the box or just hold it is the way to go….Of course, you could get a 3 or 4 wheeler….

    Dean McGinnes

    Being able to carry the model by hand makes a good argument for a Honda 75/90/110 Trail bike. They have a centrifulal clutch and can be ridden one-handed. They also have a rack on the back (usually) that can be easily adapted to accomodate the PVC pipe carrier John described.

    I was unable to locat such a chase bike in my price range. The Hondas commanding prices upwards of 2 grand if they were in good shape. I located a used Yamaha TTR-90 which also has a centrifugal clutch. My grandson (Albert Johnson–the infamous “No. 11) and I ride one-handed with the stab pulled down to the flight position. This seems to work for us.

    I am looking for a simple way to carry my Walston antenna on the front handlebars. I will so post momentarily so if any have replies, you can do it to the correct place on the Forum

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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