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    🙂 I bought a AME .049…What did I buy??? Anybody run one of these?? Prop? Fuel? Compared to a TD…VA… ❓ I’m sure it’s not a Cyclon.
    Happy Easter 😀


    I ran it with a 5.5×2 APC. lookfor about 27k on 35% pop. Quality control was spotty, I think. I saw a combat flier from Texas fly an AME against the VA. It kept up. He said it took 2 nights at the bench to get it going that fast.

    May we assume that its for a baby Dixielander?


    Hi Danny

    The AME 049 is a good engine (and quicker than a Cox) to use for 1/2A but put a Galbreath head and Nelson plug in it and feed it at least 35% nitro to make it sing. A model of about 280 sq’s is about as big as I would go for wing area and keep it light. A 1/2A Viking is about the limit.

    Ployd in OZ

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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