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    1.. Is it worth taking out inner wing wash-in during straight tow? I
    am used to towing with a small amount of opposite rudder to neutralize
    the wing wash-in which gives the model a degree of “steering” by varying
    line tension (tow speed). I hope taking out wash-in would eliminate any
    weaving tendencies but am worried that the model will be less
    “steerable” without a balance of opposing forces, as well as the
    constant moving of the wing servo during long tows adding to the drain
    on the batteries.

    Neil Murry posted by Jim Parker


    1. If you have an electronic wing wiggler you should definitely use it
    during tow! I’ve been doing this for years and it should not be any
    strain on the battery, especially if you are using a LiPo cell as these
    have extrodinary capacity for the weight. Even if you weren’t moving
    the wing during tow, the servo will still need energy anyway just to
    keep the wing in the correct position. The settings are a matter of
    taste. Some prefer the wings to be dead straight for straight tow and
    of course washed in for circle tow. I prefer just a very slight amount
    of wash during straight tow and then about a mm for circle tow. Kicking
    in that extra wash for circle tow when the hook moves back really helps
    the model to turn quick on the line.


    1.. Is it worth taking out inner wing wash-in during straight tow?
    It is very important to remove the large amount of “conventional warp” for
    the straight part of the tow. The large amount of warp helps keep the circle
    tight and flat but is a considerable problem as soon as tension is applied.
    At low speed (i.e. in the circle) the higher incidence inboard produces drag
    but when the model is speeded up the increased incidence acts as aileron and
    turns the model away from the circle. The huge advantage of a wing wiggler
    is that you can have lots of differential for the circle and everything
    straight for the straight tow – wings level and rudder straight. This makes
    the straight tow independent of speed – and hence very comfortable to tow
    and launch because it always goes straight.

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