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    Bill Shailor

    We just got back from another great Nats!
    Thanks have to go out to the many volunteers and especially to Chuck Markos for stepping up to CD this event. This is the second Nats he has CD’d and he did another great job.


    Wonder who’s gonna run it next year?


    I can’t think of too many weeks that I look forward to more than the Nats in Muncie. As much time and effort as we put into our models, It is still a people hobby. Would you go if it wasn’t for the great people you get to meet and see once a year?? I dought it.
    That being said, I want to say a HUGE ‘THANK YOU’ to the event directors and scorekeepers who work with a smile all week. We couldn’t ‘play’ if it wasn’t for you. 😛
    I’m always enthused to get home,clear the bench, and TRY and build a Hot Rod that might keep up with the great fliers that you compete with.
    Always fun (most of the time), 🙄

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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