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    Hi all.

    Just a little background, been modling all my life 48 years. My father flew competive FF (Wake and Nordic) years ago. He was Ed Dolby’s silent partner in FAI Model Supply/Zona Saws for many years. (Bill Roseberry)

    I fly mostly RC soaring and pattern and dabbled in a little FF gas. Last few years I have been flying electric RC and thought this would be a great opportunity to combine the the electric with my first love FF.

    I have some questions:
    1. Can someone post a pic of the Starline timer and installation? I have looked at the web site but did not see it listed. I have sent an e-mail to them but have not heard back yet.

    2. I see most use high KV motors with smaller props. Has anybody experimented with lower KV motors and larger props?

    3. And finally, I have these in my “stock” of airplanes and would welcome some input on which would be a good canidate for conversion and a set up for it. The already builts I would need to build a new mod fuse to accomidate elec.
    A. 500 Maverick kit
    B. Shocker 450 built
    C. Satellite 450 built
    D. Midi-Pearl Built

    Sorry for being so long winded not my usual style.

    Jim Jennings

    Very good questions. The new Starlink Timers have little ears on them that make mounting the timer on the outside of the model much easier. Perhaps Scott will post an image for you. There are several options for timers out there. I prefer the Starlink timer. Larry Bagalini provides outstanding customer service.
    You will find many different opinions about how to power an electric model. I believe that I must have tried them all. I have had more overall success with high KV motors on gas models. That is not where I started. As a former rubber flier I began with converting F1B’s. I discovered that there is more power available on a power to weight ratio than anything but a gas model can handle. Today you can very easily over power a model if you are not careful.
    Any of the models that you listed would make excellent electric models. The Maverick is very popular in electric circles now. I recommend that you read your way through this forum. You will discover a lot of valuable information. Electric flight is coming of age. I will be happy to share my experiences and offer advice you might want.


    Any of the 450″ flying surfaces would work. I have had a power system recommended to me for a plane about this size/
    Here it is.AXI 2208/20 – 7.5 X 4 – 700 mah 30c 3 cell.
    I’ve not done it yet, but I trust the guy who recommended it.
    You’ll most likely need to extend the nose a bit. That powerplant totals 4.5 oz. Less than a KB 3.5.
    There are FFers in AZ who have electrics. Not sure where.


    Thanks guys for your input.

    Well I took a bit of the easy way out and took the nose and cheeks of the Shocker 400. Decided on that one for two reason. One the wing is the strongest read as geodetic contruction and two and the most inportant… electric and the name Shocker just seem to go togeter 😆

    Yes I agree I will need to extend the nose a bit. Thanks for the input on the 2208/20 I will research that. I was plannig on 2212/12 with a 1200 pack but I like the idea of a samaller pack.

    Last one, does the Starlink timer use a servo for DT?

    George Reinhart

    I am using the power system that Dan outlined in the above post on a 438 sq. in. Astrostar 404 (438 flat layout). I am astounded at the performance level.
    You will also need the matching controller for the motor and also reccomended is a cell balancer to extend the life of the cells. If you use the 7.5 x 4 prop you will need to get a metal prop hub from Jim Jennings because the Graupner hub is limited to 16,000 rpm. Why take a chance!

    All of the above was reccomended to me by Jim J. and it has turned out to be the most trouble free model project I have attempted yet. Very satisfying. Dont’t forget the connectors when you order.
    Jim posted some pix of my project for me if you want to take a look.

    Cheers!, Pete Reinhart


    Starlink timer will drive a servo for DT. It will also drive auto-surfaces, but of course, that disqualifies the plane as a FF model. 😆
    Keep the battery to F1Q weight and double up with the plane.
    Pretty much hafta vote FOR the Shocker.


    Ok it’s written let it be so. I will order the 2208/20, folder 7.5 x4 and 700 30c pack I already have the jeti controller. Jim if you would be so kind as to advise how I go about ordering a hub from you I would be most grateful.

    Scott Lapraik

    Mike, as Jim J. suggested attached is a pic of the starlink timer. As this is my first forray into Electric I elected to go with the fuse DT system instead of the servo that is available with the timer. As far as pwr. I’m using the AXI 2212-12 with a 3 cell lipo 1200mah battery and it’s scarry fast. Haven’t test flown it yet put compared to some of the gas 15’s and 19’s it will put them to shame!!! 😯 It may be to much for the 410 in Maverick but we’ll see this weekend at Muncie.



    Scott thanks for posting the picture. Your plane sure looks great and I’m sure it will fly great as well.

    Thanks to all of you for your advice. I have everything on order and I’m looking forward to getting her in the air.

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