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    Does anyone have experience with Apache Smart Charger 2500. I’ve read the instructions several times– set the voltage and mA jumpers. Voltage is straight forward. I understand the jumper for the mA is set between the indicted markings– ie lowest jumper would be for a battery between 250 and 700 mA.

    The issue I have is the charger seems to only recognize a significant discharge. So battery that does not go to charge mode on the Apache, does indicate low on my Kokam charger (orange led which is labeled “constant Voltage, I’m thinking this is about 80% charge).

    These where on sale for $30 so I got one as a back-up and recommended it to one of the Jr F1A flyers who is having the same issue.

    I will be converting my LiPo models to batteries to individual cell balance / charge. This looks to be a safer method and many inexpensive chargers or on the market. Comments?

    Ken Bauer and Roger Morrell advocate single cell LiPo– I tried again but get servo buzz on some servos. The Novak 6v regulator I have been using provides a clean 6 v and I have not had any problems.



    Glad you survived the witch OK.

    Another vote for a single LiPo. I use the iPod Nano battery of 500mAh and have no problem with 1 or 2 servos. Some servos buzz but they did when I used a 4.8V NiMh. For three servos I did notice a loss of servo speed so I use a Blip 5V booster which works fine.

    The other advantage of a single LiPo is that you don’t have to balance batteries so I use a cheap Graupner LiPo 4 charger. You can get these for about $15 on eBay.

    I know others in Europe use single LiPo with boosters for 4 servos but then I guess they are just showing off.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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