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    What is the purpose of the attempt into today’s FAI competition? Seems to be grounded in history. In my view the concept is the flyer should not be penalized for events out of his control. A time limit was established for this period of “vulnerability”. The simple suggestion is to reduce the time of vulnerability to a more realist time– ie 5 seconds. In 5 seconds the model is well out of the helper’s hand and generally 10 meters above the ground.

    Much better than convoluted rules, subject to interpretation like the pervious DT is no attempt rule.

    Thermals, JIM


    One of the real skills in FF is to get the model trimmed to the point where it flies in different conditions without failures (ie crashes). As a kid this took me ages to sort out and sometimes models still catch me out. If I haven’t done my job properly I don’t see why I should be given another chance; obviously if someone shoot syou out the sky then that’s a different case.

    The attempt rule catered for the days of RoG where models were, to some extent, trying to emulate full size aircraft – today that is not the case.

    You should not get an attempt for not hooking up the VIT of an F1B, unlatching cross wind with an F1A or having a bad lauch with an F1C – in my view. I have no problem with the use of RDT to save a model from crashing but the reason it was crashing was almost certainl;y poor trim or meachnaical failure – all down to the flyier to have corrected before launching.

    So get rid of the attempt rule all together for flights of less than any time. This saves discussions of wether the model was going to crash or not and all other diversions. It would make FF safer in my view.

    Discuss ?

    Bill Shailor

    With the advent of RD/T, you really have to question the wisdom of an attempt. I wouldn’t lose sleep if the attempt was eliminated.

    Jim Farmer

    The wildcard as noted is “the helpers hand” – unique to F1AH. It does seem unfair/ unsporting to penalize the flyer for launcher caused problems. I guess one option if you want to eliminate the attempt would be to just call this a non-launch. Nothing happened. Try again. I.E. the glider flight starts once it climbs away from the launcher undamaged.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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