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    Jack Murphy

    Been having violent reactions to CA glue. Happened upon “Liquid Fusion” urethane glue at Michaels, seems like it may be a viable alternative. There are some positive comments on a web RC chat room. Anyone familiar with it? Want to keep rolling on this winter’s projects without retching, sneezing and coughing all night. -j


    Tell us more about the Liquid Fusion.
    Might it be like a foam-safe CyA?

    Jack Murphy

    No, Dan, it doesn’t foam. Quickly glued a couple of test joints but didn’t give ’em enough time to cure. Used a piece of trailing edge that I quickly beveled and but jointed but after 2 hours of drying in my cold garage (was heated for awhile) I snapped it apart. Also did a surface gluing with a piece of 3/16X1/8 to a piece of homemade balsa plywood I had fabbed for some dihedral braces and it was a lot stronger than the wood after the same 2 hours. A spot of glue I left on the surface of the ply would not sand readily. Stuff seems really easy to work with as far as “sticky” and forgiving with slip time and the ability to wipe clean excess with the old digit and rub on the bottom of the bench like the old days. Nice to have you weigh in! -j


    So it isn’t a CyA glue?

    Jack Murphy

    No Don, its a water-based urethane. Clear in the bottle, clear when dry. No discernible odor that I can tell, but probably would smell if you were dealing with mass quantities. Waterproof, indoor-outdoor, maybe somewhat fuel proof. Pretty thick. On my test it didn’t seem to shrink or expand any. -j


    I’n not familiar with this particular polyurethane glue but I do use a fair amount of Gorilla Glue which is a polyurethane although not water-based.

    Just as a general primer of these adhesives:

    -It will stain your fingers for a few days.
    -PolyU’s require really good joint surfaces meaning square and straight with a 220 grit or better smooth gluing surface.
    -Good clamping over several hours is required
    -Normally Gorilla Glue is “encouraged” by moisture in the wood…..not wet just some presence of moisture.
    -PolyU’s can foam and gap fill with some benefit. The foam after several days becomes fairly strong though not something to count on.
    -These adhesives take a few days to gain full strength. Not strong as CA in tension but not as brittle either.
    -The adhesive is heat and moisture resistant, more so than other glues
    -It should sand pretty well as it isn’t “gummy” after proper curing

    All that said though I wouldn’t normally prefer PolyU’s to Original Titebond for modeling purposes. Hope this helps.

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