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    Hi all,
    Read that some Banshees at the Sam champs flew pretty good. I had one built for sport flying with a TD .09 in it ( 353 W.A., O’Reilly/Holman kit). We haven’t seen any Banshees in nostalgia events although it is listed as a legal design (1945).
    So, I took my unflown Banshee and put a nostalgia legal, Cox Olympic .15 in it. She weighs 15 oz., has undercamber and sheeted wings. Red and yellow MRL dye on polyspan, tissue for the tail.

    Gonna give her a go and see what happens.
    Here’s pic.

    Therms, Gene


    Here’s pic
    had to shrink it



    another pic


    Dohrman Crawford

    I would be interested in hearing how it did. I saw a number of them flying at the SaM Champs, and they go very well indeed. Climb like a rocket, and a good glide. I am surprised they aren’t seen more often.


    Hello Chris,

    They do indeed fly extremely well. A gentleman by the name of Gussie Gunter, flew one in the UK comps, in I think 1949. He wiped the board with everyone that year. It was the model to beat in the UK for several years after that.
    Although I am not competative, I flew one years ago with I think it was an Arden .199. It frightened me! After the first flight, I had the motor run down to a few seconds otherwise I was afraid that I would lose it for good!
    Let us know how yours performs, I am sure you will like it and you may win a comp or two with it.

    Best of luck,


    Dean McGinnes

    I understand that Banshees really “wail”! 😛 😛 🙂

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