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    Hi All,

    I notice that the AMA convention is next weekend. I don’t usually go as it is all R/C and there are no people selling balsa wood or other free flight oriented stuff any more. But I seem to be in need of some batteries and Graupner folding blades. Rather than mail order I might as well pick them up in person, so to speak. They seem to have lots of vendors.

    What are the hot setup for electric free flight? I have heard the 700mah Enerland/Polyquest 30c are the ones to use. Are these marketed under different names? I’m not looking for bargains, want to get what works the best. As we all know, the “C” rating as shown on the package is often wishful thinking and/or misleading hype.

    How about E36 batteries? Are all the KAN400’s the same?


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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