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    Lee Hines

    Are you ready for more Fun Fly @ The Nats?
    Well, I am honored and proud to announce…

    The 2008 Beat the Vartanian Fun Fly!

    It will be held during the Nats on an evening[tentatively Tuesday]
    after normal prizegiving is over, as per the prior 2 years.

    The rules are simple.
    Any Catapult Glider with 12″ maximum wing span[projected],
    weighing more than 10 grams may be flown.
    Launcher per AMA stick and rubber rule.

    Heats of mass launches will result in a final for all the marbles!
    Any flier beating my Vartanian timed bogie flight gets a special
    piece of launcher rubber!

    Extra!!! Raffle!
    Only a Buck per ticket for your chance to win a kit of Red Mo 12,
    last years’ winner of Beat the Vart trophy!
    Proceeds will be donated to a worthy cause [TBD…Suggestions?].

    That’s it, be there for the FUNFLY, or be…you know the rest…

    yr hmbl srvnt,
    CD of ‘Beat the Vart 2008 [also Chief Cook & Bottle Washer]
    FLY, MAX, WIN!
    The Leeper

    Lee Hines

    Hi fellow BTV enthusiasts!

    Just to remind, the flights are going to be timed and recorded this year.
    So that means all fliers need to carry STOPWATCHES, since it is a
    TIME ONE, FLY ONE operation!

    Two weeks from tomorrow the BTV Mass Launch Fun will be in full swing,
    so I hope everbody is ready and raring to go!

    See you all there!
    Ringmeister Leeper

    Lee Hines

    Hi all,

    BTV @ the NATS was weather delayed, but we did find an opportunity to
    fly on Fri morn between 0730 & 0800.
    We had 21 entries but fewer fliers [12] as some had to leave, were packing up or just plain overslept{Tim B! :oops:].

    My last year’s winner Red Mo 12, was up to the task, winning with times
    of 82 sec in the first heat, then 88 sec in the finals.

    So Mr Moderator, you may take this thread down any time you feel it
    is appropriate.

    Thanks to all the folks who joined in and hope you will be there next year!

    yr hmbl srvnt,
    Leeper, wearing BTV honcho hat 🙂

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