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    Lee Hines


    This is The Ol’ Limper…er Leeper again.
    if you recall I was not able to attend in 2015, but GET READY, because once again there will be BTV @ 2016 USA NATS!!!
    As always this is for you FUN-SEEKERS, plus…Entry is FREE!!!

    Proudly announcing the 11th Annual ‘BEAT THE VARTANIAN FUNFLY’ for any 12 inch span Catapult Gliders!
    We will hold it Monday evening, July 25th, SOON AFTER the daily awards ceremony (about 6:00 PM, weather permitting.
    (Tentative Alt Schedule: Friday @ 7:30-8AM).

    So all you NATS CLGers out there in FF land, sign up EARLY with ME this year!

    You all must know by now the EASY RULES:
    Any 12″ span cat glider, weighing 10 grams min.
    Launcher per AMA CLG rules[6″ handle, 18″ rubber, etc]
    Flying will be MASS LAUNCH STYLE in elimination heats.
    If any fliers in a heat score 120 sec, they automatically advance to next heat.

    Open up your CLG box & dust off your little CLG Missiles,
    or build a couple to blast off with! They are easy!
    Loaners may be available, as BOM rule is passe.
    Bring your CLGs & stopwatches to join the FUN!

    You might even win ‘Luddite Dan’ Berry’s perpetual trophy
    which is awarded to each years ‘Beat the Vart’ winner.
    Other prizes may show up, I am told by a close, personal friend.

    Make a note of this & good luck at NATS BTV FUNFLY!

    Again: sign up with me, cause I am gonna be there this year.!

    Lee Hines, aka ‘The Leeper’
    Beat the Vart Honcho

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