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    A few years back, I flew at the Nats in some rubber events. P-30 and Coupe. I really liked Coupe, but have always been interested in gliders. Recently, I got back into R/C sailplanes and have been building a 3M ship and flying discus launch too. Really like dlg and will continue. But…
    I miss free flight, especially going to the Nats. I think the FF Nats are the friendliest competitions I have ever seen and all of the guys there have been very kind and helpful toward my efforts.
    My question is what would be a good progression to becoming at least some what competitive in the glider events? I flew a Lil Dip two years there and have a completed Junior that I have not flown due to the lack of a field. Any suggestions on how to proceed?

    Dohrman Crawford

    You might try one of Stan Buddenbohm’s Sidekick gliders designed for the Classic Glider event. It is an excellent kit, and is a great flier. I hope to do well with it this year, we will see. I know the glider is excellent, it remains to be seen what I can do with it.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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