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    I have been building and flying Mulvihill at the Nats for the last four years. However some of the finer points of building the front end and winding with a blast tube continue to elude me.javascript:emoticon(‘:roll:’)

    Many of the large rubber model plans call for wire bigger than 1/16″ but I have been singularly unsuccessful in bending even 1/16″ in nice round loops so that it will both engage a stop screw and allow easy reattachment of the prop shaft to the Crockett hook after winding. In addition the 1/16″ wire bends easily from nosedown landings and I am constantly rebending it.

    Warren Kurth had a most sophisticated rig at this year’s Nats in which he wound the motor completely outside of the fuselage.It appeared to be hand machined and I did not have the time to discuss it with him in depth. In any case I believe that I need to take a new more comprehensive look at how I build front ends.

    Would someone please offer some advice?


    I don’t feel 1/16th/16swg wire is strong enough either on larger rubber models……..I always go to 14swg for safety as well as you mention the possible bending situation on a hard arrival.

    To bend the 14swg you must have a decent vice attached firmly to your work place/bench and good quality large heavy duty pliers down to smaller ones including pointy nose jobs to do the task properly. Good luck.

    🙂 🙂

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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