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    Before the site was hacked, someone had asked about recomendations for binoculars. There is a huge price range but I am really happy with the ones that I have. 7x50mm Bushnell ‘Marine’ binoculars, Model #13-7500 Retail around $140. Here is the URL to an evaluation that I didn’t write but I believe is accurate. What ever you end up getting I would advise you to get one with the built in compass.
    Good luck,

    PS… Thanks Alan for getting the web site back up!


    I was fortunate enough to get a pair of these 7×50 Marine Binocs for Christmas and I have had one chance to try them out at an outdoor contest. They are great. The vision is excellent and the compass makes them a useful chase tool. As noted, they are heavy, but you can take a smaller, lighter pair of binocs with you when you are biking cross country on the chase.
    I recommend them.
    Bob Stalick


    Great looking binoculars! Just picked up a pair from Adorama Camera for $119.00 plus shipping. I did a search on the Amazon Marketplace site and there they were. Now, how do I go about mounting them to a tripod? Do I need a separate mount? I can probably take them down to a local camera shop once they come in.
    Rocco Ferrario

    Dohrman Crawford

    I have been very happy with a photographer’s monopod I bought at a camera shop. It is not cheap, but is extremely sturdy and well built. It came with a screw-in mount that easily attaches to the binocs. The sections of the monopod are easily adjusted with one hand while using the binoculars. The monopod is particularly good when used while you are sitting in a chair. [the model is WAY out there]. By selecting the correct length of the monopod, you can easily hold the binocs without any shaking or movement which might cause you to lose the model. Also, much easier to transport/store because there is only one leg. Folded up, it is not very long, maybe 24″ or so. Highly recommended!!!

    Dean McGinnes

    You got a make and model for us Dohrm? 🙂

    Dohrman Crawford

    The make is manrosso, something like that. Made in Italy. I wouldn’t worry about the make, just see if there is an attachment for your binocs and that the legs extend easily with a lever-lock so you can extend them one handed. It really does work well.


    For a pole, you can use an aluminum, 2 piece painters sick with the little twist grip adjuster. Maybe pad the end with a wad of foam or fabric.
    Easy to adjust for sitting or standing.

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