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    HI,Can somebody describe in detail (maybe a sketch) what a blast
    tube is and what it does. Thanks

    Derek McGuckin

    Hello Rubberpowered,

    A blast tube protects your airplane from a broken motor. It is a tube that is slightly longer than the motor peg to front of fuselage length. To use, you install your rubber motor into the fuselage. Hook the end of the motor with a piece of piano wire that is longer than your blast tube. Slide the blast tube down over the rubber motor so that it contains the full length of the motor within it, inside the fuselage. Attach your winder to the wire attached to your rubber motor. Stretch wind the motor.

    If the motor breaks as you wind the ‘blast’ of the motor will be contained in the “blast tube” and your plane will not be hurt. As you wind in the turns the motor will shorten. When you get to the nose of the plane you slide the blast tube out over the wire that is attached to the motor. Unhook the wire as you hang on to the wound motor. Attach you propeller and you are ready to fly.
    The tube material is dependent on what size rubber motor you are winding. I use paper model rocket tubing on my small planes. Rigid plastic aquarium tubing for P-30 size planes and aluminum (or other metal) for larger than that.

    Hopefully that makes sense! A picture is worth a thousand words so I will post some later showing how to use a blast tube.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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