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    I’m absoultely clueless about these planes. I saw a demonstration of these planes with rubber power and rapier motors and was hooked. I thought I would try my hand at it as well. Hopefully, some of you can get me pointed in the right direction…

    Do you know of any good websites, books, and magazines that would be beneficial to someone completely new to free flight scale models?

    What is the differences between the varies scales for indoor and outdoor models? I recently bought a couple of Guillows models with a wingspan of 16.25″ but noticed that they made quite a few with 24″ wingspans as well. Is there a scale that is preferred my most modelers?

    I’m hoping that these models will at least give me a feel for what it takes to build a stick and tissue model. I’m not sure how well they will fly (I’ve read mixed reviews about Guillows).

    What are the weigth limits I should shoot for when building these planes? or for the varies scales in general?

    Thanks for your time in reading this, please feel free to add to this list! I’m sure that there are some questions that I didn’t know I needed an answer to, but would be very grateful if you be willing to answer them anyways!


    Hi Cthulhu

    Would suggest you go the this website which is more intune with what you seek in the way of answers.



    Thank you very much for the reply! I apologize if I’m in the wrong spot, I really know very little about all of this.

    Thanks again,

    Bill Shailor

    Welcome to the hobby!
    I would suggest also looking at this website for kits and plans:
    They offer some nice looking models.
    The Guillow line is good for learning how to build, but they aren’t that good in terms of flying..particularly if rubber powered. They tend to run a little on the heavy side.
    Keep us posted>

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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