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    OK, friends, forgive me up front for starting this but it is somthing we really need to address. About year ago I was running in some F2A engines and switched from a bottle of commercial 80/20 to my home-mixed 80/20 and my engine speed dropped enough to concern me that I was loosing a glow plug. Many plugs and much head scratching later, it finally dawned on me.

    In my background is a bit of experience in bottling liquids and all the commerial bottling equipment I have seen is based on weight. So, a quick look at the CRC book, I noted that the specific gravities of methanol is 791 and Castor oil is 956. So, if one mixes or bottles based on weight, there is a much higher than 80/20 ratio of methanol to Castor oil and therefore a “hotter” fuel.

    Reading the AMA and FAI rule books there is no mention of how the the 80/20 (or any of the fuel ratios) are to be determined. Since a fair number of fliers mix thier own based on volume, I sugget we ask to have “by volume” add to the rules. It is a simple matter for fuel bottlers to calculate the weight limits from the specific gravities of the fuel components.

    Ron Bennett, Monmouth OR


    As far as I know, all fuel mixtures are commonly mixed via volume. ie- 1 quart of oil to 4 quarts of methonal. I am very sure that this is how the fuels are mixed at most fuel manufacturers. However, it is an interesting concept! At the WC, we would have killed for ANY fuel!!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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