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    Just noticed a short article and photo of a Carl Goldberg design- “Interceptor” in the latest AMA magazine (Sept. 2008). I’d like to know- hear from some who might have some insight on this design. Believe it was originally designed for Class A FF. Would be interested in knowing a little more….flying/building characteristics, etc. Goldberg had some nice designs back in the late 40’s thru I believe and even into the 60’s. Always admired his conceptes- this one intrigues me.

    Old/DT Fuse


    I’ve built two Interceptor’s over the years. Both the 48in larger version.

    First one in ’77 with an O&R23 on spark in it. It flew okay, but was very heavy, glided like a brick and ‘arrived’ so hard it broke things at times.
    It was all but destroyed at our very windy ’77 Nats on the second flight of our Vintage contest on ‘arrival’.
    I repaired it some months later, took out the O&R along with all spark gear and fitted a K&B Greenhead Torpedo15. It was so much better.
    I used it at our ’81 Nats in Vintage, and after 2 max. flights it DTd onto a barb wire fence and destroyed it’s self.
    After that I got rid of the lot and only kept the stab with the fin and underfins.

    About 10 years I got ‘the bug’ to use the stab. so built another set of 48in wings and fuselage and fitted a 2cc Deezil Burford replica

    it’s a beautiful for fun freeflight flier.

    The wing to me is a little annoying with the inset spars, but I have made both of mine true to plan, and covered them with heavy weight coloured tissue.

    Well worth the build IMHO.


    I should have mentioned I also built an .020 Replica one as well. The plan was in MODEL BUILDER magazine.
    It had plenty of ‘for fun’ flying in the 70s and 80s.
    It’s still here, but a bit a sad looking with TD020 in something else.

    Seems this is the decal that came with the 40s kit.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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