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    In the latest NFFS symposium, issue #42, pages 111-121, there is a very thorough article about various aspects of CLG characteristics. A chart is shown showing performance of various wingspans and possible flight times. 12 and 14″ wingspan models are shown to get better than one minute forty second flight times. 16″ are shown at one minute 38 seconds.

    I must have very poor CLG designs, because my best only does seventy seconds on average in still air, and I thought that was good. Rick Pangell watched me lose this model at the first contest this year.

    Incidentally, that little Vtail model at the right center is the one that I used to place second in the Beat the Vartanian at the NATS this year. It was trimmed in February, and not flown until that event with no adjustments. If I had done some adjusting prior to the heats, it might have done better. But probably still not good enough for first. Will have to build a new one to do that.

    What have you guys achieved in the real world of duration under so called still air conditions?


    Can’t tell as we haven’t had any calm air conditions in Colorado since April of 1967 or so I’m told.


    Dave, I’d also say 70 sec.
    Both with V tails, OK they do have a little subfin for holding onto for launch. 11g planes seem best.

    I love to fly still air, all my planes suffer horribly in wind!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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