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    John Oian

    Just a curious question about rubber for an outdoor catapult launcher. Without considering the quality of the rubber, is there any real difference between using 2 strands of 1/8, or 1 strand of 1/4 or even 4 strands of 1/16? I suspect that the common use of 1/8 is due to the fact that most people have that size around from other uses (In my case, about 1/3 of a large box of Jan “96” from my F1B days. (Unfortunately not one of the great batches 🙁 ). Any coments?


    Lee Hines

    Good query John, I would also like to know.
    My take is there is little to choose between same quality 1/8 & 1/4.
    I feel fairly sure quality is the main determinant, not rubber width.
    Ask Stan & Ralph next time.

    George Reinhart

    My vote is for 4 strands of 1/16:.
    Theory is that you get more enrgy return with the smaller strand due to less internal energy loss (less hysteresis) within the strand.
    Some of the Wakefield guys who delve into tests etc. and to whom it is exteremly important claim 5% better return with 1/16″. Rubber batches being the same. New rubber is suposedly the best ever.
    I still can’t make a glider that is consistent in flight pattern though best luck so far is with Buddenbohm’s “Pathfinder”.


    Mostly, it is because they are no longer cutting 1/4″ rubber.

    Lee Hines

    Pete, you are probably correct say more strands of less crossection gives more power, but I find they tend to get out of control and slip off the hook too easily.
    This tends to result in spoiled launches and even broken rubber strands.
    Maybe I am a bit dexterity challenged but I will stick with one loop of 1/4″ x 9″ as long as possible.
    I could probably get used to 2 loops of 1/8″, with more practice when push comes to shove. I am quite sure Dan is correct about 1/4″ disappearing in future.

    Pete, I suggest you order one of Stan’s Straycat X cats. It is hard to beat. Ask me how I know…

    I have been developing my next generation of Sweecat 18 (which I renamed NEO 18) in an attempt to be more competitive with Stan, Tim B, Ralph & Rocco.
    You can see this latest issue of NFFS Digest for the plan of NEO 18-2. It is getting better, so now I am building -4 version since I lost -1 at RMFFC on Labor Day.


    George Reinhart

    Thanks Leeper, I’ll get one!
    What’s good for TLG!
    Yes, I know, it’s off topic for this thread but I’m asking anyway.

    Lee Hines

    Pete, I know this is blasphemy, but go to rival HPA Forum link for the answer to your TLG query:;boardseen#new

    Not knowing your TLG experience level, Dynomite is a fine glider as well as a winner. Read all the posts and Stan’s catalog on discUSkid website,
    then order what you like!
    Tim swears by Stan’s SpinF1N TLG, which Stan has flown to win Nats 3 times running!

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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