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    I would like to apply black and white checkerboard tissue over mylar, but black on the tissue runs if touched by dope or thinner. I have doped the mylar and tried to attach the tissue with thinner and have had some success by patting the tissue, but still get some bleeding from the black. this was a tissue I got from AtoZ who no longer sells it, anyone have any ideas.

    Derek McGuckin

    Sounds challenging. How about applying the dope to the mylar and letting it dry. Lay the tissue over it and spray highly thinned dope over it. If it doesn’t puddle it might activate the underlying dope without the black color running. worth a shot if you have the gear to spray.

    Ed Hardin

    Jim, saw this on Hippockets forum:

    Re: Gollywock Build

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    I had the same problem..look at reply #117..The new checkerboard is applied with a black that is not acetone/dope proof. I got some black smearing with which I am not happy. I have been using Randolph nitrate applied with a cheap “Home Depot” 1″ foam brush lately. If I brush in one direction only and let that coat dry, I do not seem to have the problem.

    My old checkerboard tissue had the black applied with a dope proof (probably carcenogenic Roll Eyes)black. I only have a few sheets left of yellow/black.




Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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