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    In 2002 I flew a Lil Dip at the Nats in the classic glider event. What great fun! I was wondering if this event is planned for 2006? I think the models, Jet Stream, Ghost, and Lil Dip were to be flown from ’02 thru ’05. If the event is to be continued are there new designs? If so, does anyone know what they will be? Also, a related question: a friend of mine showed me how his tow hook was offset from the bottom centerline of the model. I believe he said that Stan Buddenbohm was responsible for this innovation. I had difficult in getting the Lil Dip to tow straight and wondered if offsetting the hook would help. I tried moving both forward and aft, but nothing completely solved this erratic tow. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


    Hi Phil,

    The special three-design for three-years towline glider event was originally planned for 2002-2004. It was extended one more year to 2005… and may survive to 2006 and beyond.

    This event has rather strict rules for building and flying these three models as they were designed and documented; you might be a little careful about going to a side-mount or off-set towhook unless you can find plans or documentation that call for such a mounting. You might show up at a contest just to have the CD declare your model illegal. It doesSounds like a great idea if you want to fly it in Classic towline event which does not have any such restriction.

    Stan B. has provided this great hobby with many innovations, however the side mounted towhook idea is probably not one of them. Stan is a moderately young guy and I’m pretty sure the idea has been around since Frank Zaic was publishing his earliest yearbooks. Stan has re-popularized its use perhaps with his Mini-master series of F1H’s.



    Have not seen these Dawn Towline results yet??? Did I miss them?

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